Instant Gratification offers consumers access to discount gift certificates offered by a large variety of local services.

Our goal is to connect customers with products and services so they can establish long-term relationships. To jumpstart these relationships, businesses offer discounts to entice customers to visit them. Customers print out offers posted by the businesses but don’t pay for them until they make a purchase. Similarly, the businesses do not pay extra fees for certificates ordered and printed.

Categories of business participating in Instant Gratification include apparel, automotive, beauty, boating, cultural attractions, education, financial planning, gifts, golf courses, health and wellness, home services, in home care, jewelry, office supplies, premiums, real estate, restaurants, shoes, theater and travel.

Businesses pay monthly for advertising and can change the terms of their offers, or post additional offers, during the posting period.

Consumers register, for free, to get access to businesses, and they can qualify for weekly drawings and prizes as part of our loyalty program.

Instant Gratification differs from coupon services in neither requiring advance sales nor taking a percentage of business for facilitating sales. We do not promote discounting 50 to 90 percent, rather offering gift certificates and letting the advertiser determine what value to offer. These are gift certificates rather than coupons, and we suggest that businesses put an expiration date on their certificates.